Our Facilities

Screen Printing:
“We create customer’s identity”

To create an identity of the customer, we also have in house facility of screen printing on the containers. The company’s logo, name or any other details can be neatly printed.

We have many moulds to satisfy our clients. We also manufacture carboys in a special colour if any client requires it in a large quantity. Our Motto is to satisfy our clients any how.

Automatic Blow Moulding Machines

Kamal Containers offers successful designs for manufacturing various types of objects. Our Automatic Blow Moulding Machines are perfectly suitable to produce CARBOYS, JERRY CANS, DRUMS and various other types of containers which are suitable for packing in chemical industries.

Kamal Containers has perfect machinery and a good team work which helps keep up with conventional designs and traditions in carboys / jerry cans / drums.

Kamal Containers offers the full range of classic and modern carboys & round drums. We incorporate some of the better performance features without bringing changes in the time proven design and construction.

Our Secret of Trusted Products

We have in – house testing facilities at our plant as per guidelines laid down by BIS 6312 & Indian Institute of packaging – Mumbai.

Hydraulic Pressure Test

A Pressure of 1.2 kg/cm² is applied in jerry cans to check for leakage or rupture.

Drop Test

We fill the carboys with water and then drop them from a height of 5 to 6 feet. We drop carboys at various angles to observe rupture or leakage of the carboys.

Stack Load Test

The Carboys are stacked 1+2 where the weight in all the carboys is equal thus checking the shape of the carboys.

Chilling Test

The section of the barrel are placed in the test liquid at 80 ± 2º C for 48 hours to examine for any damage from environmental stress crack.

Handle Strength Test

We fill the carboys with water and then attach weight equal to double the nominal capacity of the carboys through a hook. We keep it for 24 hours and examine for any damage to the handle.

Pin Hole Test

In this test the product is tested by a good technician to check leakage or any pin hole in the carboys.

And many more tests are done at our plant to check the carboys before delivery like Stability test, Wall thickness profile, etc.